How do I know I have a hot water problem?

If there is no hot water coming from your taps within your property and no hot water coming from your shower, then it is a very likely you have a problem with your hot water unit.

How can I Get Same Day Service?

Same day service is guaranteed if you are located within Melbourne metropolitan areas and you call and make a booking before 12pm.

How will my hot water unit be disposed?

If your hot water unit can not be taken away the same day we install your new unit, your old unit will be collected the following Friday and disposed of at a recycling station.

Do you need a licensed plumber to install a new water unit?

Yes, it required by law in Australia, to ensure the product is properly connected and safe to operate, given water heaters typically have connection for electricity and gas, and sometimes both.

Do I need my hot water unit serviced?

Different manufacturers have different requirements for how often they’d like you to service your hot water unit to keep it performing at it’s best. It’s also required to keep the servicing up to date to protect your warranty. We can carry out and maintain regular maintenance after we install your new unit:

Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water – Annually (Every 12 months)

Electric and Gas Storage – Every six months, you should lift the lever on the Pressure & Temperature Relief valve for approximately 10 seconds (as per your Owners Instructions). Then a service every five years.